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NM Rush College Search Introduction and Timeline

New Mexico Rush Soccer Club Alumni

Attention all NM Rush players ages U15-U18:

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Playerocity ( that allows us to offer a managed online recruiting program enabling players to communicate directly with college coaches, and provide an intuitive method for club administrators, coaches, and involved parents to actively support and mentor their players in the very competitive scholarship hunt.

To get started with your Free Coaches Account please register now.  You will be enabled to view the recruiting activities of all players associated to your team through the Activity Log utility.  View your players college lists, sent messages, log in times, and college notes, helping you to understand and offer valuable mentoring in reaching their college aspirations! - Rush Homepage - Coach Registration - Introduction Video - Player User Guide

Free Online Player - Parent Recruiting Process Rules and Webinar click here                                                         

Rule adjustment to NCAA Division II and III Recruitment Policy (10.24.12)

Division II

With little debate, Division II institutions approved legislation that will ease recruiting restrictions on multiple fronts. To make better use of new technology and to put athletes on a more level playing field with non-athletic recruits, colleges supported a number of changes.

  • D-II coaches can now visit with players as many times as they want beginning June 15 following the prospect's sophomore year in school.
  • D-II coaches can now send unlimited correspondence and make unlimited phone calls beginning June 15 following the prospect's sophomore year in school.
  • D-II coaches can now send unlimited instant messages and text messages beginning June 15 following the prospect's sophomore year in school.
  • As long as the correspondence is private, a Division II coach can send a recruit a direct      message on Facebook, but s/he cannot write on the recruit's "wall."

Division III

Coaches in Division III can now use unlimited text messaging to communicate with recruits, which will ease communication with students who increasingly prefer texting to e-mail or phone calls.

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